Tony France

"Just an enormously sincere thanks to you and your mechanic for fixing my 650 twin at very short notice yesterday when it was due out on a long hire (with no replacement available). I could not expect any better"

Kevin Weir

"I'd like to thank you for the really pleasant dealings that I had with you in respect of servicing my 2003 BMW F650GS. First of all, when I called in, unannounced, last Saturday, you left what you were doing and gave me your undivided attention, including a quick inspection of the bike. This was sufficient to convince me that I'd like to bring the bike to you for her 70 000 kilometre service. Your request that I e-mail scans of the bike's service history to you went further in building my confidence. A few days later, when I brought the bike in on the evening before the service, even though you were on the point of leaving for an appointment, you still took the time to talk to me, and it was clear that you had examined the service history and, already, probably knew more about the history of my bike than I did. Your technician kept up the standard of service when he checked the bike in. The fact that I live 30 km away was no problem because of the easy availability of a loan-bike for the day. To top it off, after the service, my bike was available at the time that you had promised, in spite of the awkward little extra things that I had asked you to do, over and above the standard service. I appreciated the fact that I then had time with you when you explained exactly what had been done, and that you had the old parts available for me to see. In my opinion, your recipe for success consists of generous helpings of all of the following: Personal touch - it is great to be able to talk to the person who actually works on the bike; Openness - I saw a spotless, well-equipped workshop, plain for all to see, not hidden out the back; Communication - the details of the service were discussed with me, and I was kept informed; Professionalism - a highly-trained and motivated team; Passion - your enthusiasm for biking shows through what you do; Fair pricing - while accepting that, for many, a motorbike is a luxury item, it is nice to get value for money. My bike is running beautifully, and I can ride it with confidence, knowing that it has been well looked-after. I shall certainly be back, and I'll recommend Kingtek to my friends. Thank"

Zenobia Bakker

"I am embarrassed to say that I have delayed far too long in writing this letter of praise.  I will remind you that you recently repaired and upgraded my F650 GS. Thank you so much for doing an immaculate job.  My bike looks brand new and the handling is MUCH improved.  Thank you so much for a superb job.  You have a customer for"

Doug Neumann

"Andrew you found and fixed what the agents could not and you don't charge a arm and a leg.You are a star my bike has never run so well and I had her 4 years. Got back to J.H.B bike ran like a dream fuel consumption down and plenty of power ,I have had the bike for 4 years and had the problem from day 1 it has been in at the agents several times for lack of power and service and every time I got it back was told nothing wrong with the bike and it cost me quite a bit. On arriving in Cape Town I found your site, you took a couple of hours to find the problem and fix it at a very reasonable price . I cant thank you enough for the exhalent and friendly service may you go from strength to strength the agents could learn a thing or two from you before they take my hard earned cash with no results. Thanks"

Ian Huddlestone

"After a service with new plugs, a bike obviously feels far more responsive, but my bike now feels like a different machine – this thing takes off in turbo mode like it’s just run in at 20 000 km! I charged down the M3 and had to tap off because the road is a bit damp - in a straight line. Also, the gear shift has lost its loose notchiness, with or without clutch. Wow,"

Raymond Olivier

"Andrew has always shown an interest in servicing my 650GS as if I were his only client. He goes out of his way to explain the things he has worked on, and why - this has really helped me understand how to look after my bike. You will be hard-pressed to find a friendlier and more knowledgeable mechanic than"


Random Testimonial

  • ~ David Harris

    "A flippin' great job on my Zephyr Andy! a superb service, solid client communication and all the little things done and dusted - thanks dude, keep this up and you will have a loyal customer for life"

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